Team Tagaytay Living

It’s a team effort here on Tagaytay Living. All the content you see on the site is a product of collaboration of several parties that simply want to fill you in on the very best of what Metro Tagaytay has to offer.

All these contributions of content makes for a more enriching experience, as you now have a wider variety of discoveries and points of view on what goes on in and around our fair neighborhood.  Here is our roster of regular contributors that make Tagaytay Living possible.

Big Country Marketing

Big Country Marketing is a regular contributor of Tagaytay Living | www.tagaytayliving.comBig Country Marketing (BCM) manages Tagaytay Living’s Instagram account, and keeps the site purring like a kitten.  It also manages inquiries, comments, and other business transactions of Tagaytay Living’s various business units.

Based in Metro Tagaytay, BCM is a business development company that specializes in practical small-business solutions for SME’s. It also caters to the sales and marketing efforts of several other clients, including wedding vendors in Tagaytay, a corporate training group, and an FM radio station based in Metro Cebu.

Visit the Big Country Marketing website.

Booky PH

Booky is a regular contributor of Tagaytay Living | www.tagaytayliving.comIt’s the #1 food app in the Philippines, and it’s made for food lovers, by food lovers!  We’re happy to have Booky share with us their recommended restaurants in and around Metro Tagaytay!

Booky lets you search for your favorite restaurants even when you’re offline (how about that?). It always has the newest places, and covers a LOT of food spots (and their menus) from not just the neighborhood of Tagaytay, but from Metro Manila and Baguio as well!

Aside from their regular list of recommendations near you, Booky integrates with Waze as well, showing you the fastest, most convenient route to your restos.

Do download Booky on your mobile phone today by visiting the App Store or Google Play.  You can also visit the Booky blog right here.

Bridal Cars Tagaytay

Bridal Cars Tagaytay is a regular contributor of Tagaytay Living | www.tagaytayliving.comWhile these guys don’t really contribute in terms of content, they have been showing us around the neighborhood of Metro Tagaytay, taking our team through the towns of Alfonso, Amadeo, Indang, Mendez-Nuñez, and Silang, as well as the less-traveled side streets of Tagaytay City.

Bridal Cars Tagaytay provides budget-friendly bridal car rentals already based in Metro Tagaytay, with a small but growing fleets of serviced vehicles for Tagaytay soon-to-weds.  Lately, they have also started offering private city tours of Tagaytay, so depending on what you want to do, where you want to eat, or where you want to stay in Metro Tagaytay, the guys over at Bridal Cars Tagaytay can put it together for you.

Visit the Bridal Cars Tagaytay website here.

Renzie Baluyut

Renzie Baluyut is a regular contributor of Tagaytay Living | www.tagaytayliving.comMedia and marketing man Renzie Baluyut “retired” to Metro Tagaytay in 2012, having seen action in the hectic industries of advertising, broadcast media, events management, outsourcing, and web development in a career that spans more than 20 years.

He now pursues his various small business ventures in business development, rentals, and real estate together with his wife, and calls Metro Tagaytay home.

Visit Renzie’s own blog, “Taking Care of Business: Adventures in Marketing and Entrepreneurship” here.

Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay

Sofia's Cakes is a regular contributor of Tagaytay Living | www.tagaytayliving.comSofia’s Cakes has been creating custom cakes in Metro Tagaytay for over four years now, mostly for Tagaytay soon-to-weds, and for some of the neighborhood’s top hotels and wedding venues.

From time to time, Sofia’s Cakes shares with us their expertise in the local wedding industry, having a robust network of fellow Tagaytay wedding vendors, and suppliers from Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, and Metro Manila who frequent Tagaytay as well.

While they specialize in custom wedding cakes, Sofia’s Cakes has also started offering Tagaytay party planning services, candy stations and dessert stations, favors and giveaways for parties and weddings, and lately, they’ve been helping out with dates and proposals as well.

Visit the Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay website here.

We Welcome Contributors, Too!

bcm-come-write-for-usThere’s no other place like Metro Tagaytay to get those creative juices flowing, so you can get all those thoughts of your organized on paper, or pour out of your head through your laptop, all while enjoying the view, amidst the country greens, with a hot mug of coffee right by your side.

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on Metro Tagaytay, or if you feel you have something that may be of value to our readership of bakasyonistas, OFW balikbayans, retirees from out-of-town, and Tagaytay soon-to-weds, we welcome your editorial contributions very much!