Do’s and Don’ts at a Bridal Fair

Trade shows are serious business, and is particularly true with bridal fairs; there’s more to it than hopping over to the venue and collecting brochures and samples.

Wedding trade fairs, such as the Before I Do bridal fair series, attracts a very specific market: it is geared mainly towards soon-to-wed couples, but it also attracts other clients looking to put together an anniversary, debut, corporate event, or some other themed gathering.

If you’ve started planning your Tagaytay wedding, the Before I Do bridal fair is a great place to find wedding vendors to round out your list.  Here are a few tips for a more fulfilling experience at the Before I Do bridal fair, as shared by soon-to-wed couples, returning attendees, and married success story clients.

Photo from Hana Bercero Makeup Artistry | One of our many featured vendors and venues you might want to consider for your dream Tagaytay wedding! Browse through our featured suppliers at

Photo from Hana Bercero Makeup Artistry.

7 Tips For a More Enjoyable Wedding Fair Experience

1. Before even attending the fair, at least take stock of your current status:

  • Do you have a date set for your big day? How much time do you have left to put together your wedding?
  • Which vendors have you already booked, and which sort of suppliers are you looking to complete your wedding vendor list?
  • How many guests do you see inviting to your wedding?
  • Is your theme/motif/color palette set, or are you open to changes?
  • You must know what your budget is realistically, and how you intend to allocate your funds to certain wedding vendors you need.
  • Other event details you have in mind.

2. If you’ve only started planning, and have no details yet, it’s OK. The important thing is that when a supplier asks for information about you and your big day, be honest with what you have and don’t have as far as details of your event go.

Photo from Jenry Villamar Photography | One of our many featured vendors and venues you might want to consider for your dream Tagaytay wedding! Browse through our featured suppliers at

Photo from Jenry Villamar Photography.

3. Pre-registration normally has a deadline. If it’s already closed, don’t beg Organizers to reopen the online registration just for you. Bear in mind that this is particularly unfair for those who took the effort to follow rules and regulations.

4. When attending bridal fairs, you are looking for professionals you can trust to execute the vision of your big day (within the constraints of availability, budget, and time, of course!). Keep in mind that our exhibitors are here to answer your questions and attend to your inquiries.

5. While it’s OK to collect information and compare vendor rates on your own, there is no need to unnecessarily pit vendors into a bidding war to gain your business. We understand you want to make the most of your wedding budget, but please remember that wedding vendor rates are what they are to ensure the proper delivery of services on your big day.

Photo from Tyrone An Couture | One of our many featured vendors and venues you might want to consider for your dream Tagaytay wedding! Browse through our featured suppliers at

Photo from Tyrone An Couture.

6. There are several trade fairs that have heavy foot traffic and getting through can be hard. A little courtesy goes a long way, so say “Excuse me”, “Pardon me”, “Makikiraan po“, etc. instead of shoving people aside just to get through.

7. On taking photographs: If you must take photos of a particular exhibit, be courteous enough to ask explicit permission first. While most vendors will volunteer to email information or send you pegs anyway, they are also sensitive when it comes to intellectual properties and proprietary designs.

More Tips on an Enjoyable Wedding Fair Experience

The 30th Before I Do Wedding and Debut Trade Fair | Sept 23 and 24, 2017 | SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3 | Tagaytay Living is a proud media partner of the Before I Do bridal fair series.

There are a lot more tips for you over at the Before I Do official website if you’re attending one of their bridal fairs.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Before I Do team through a call, or contact them here. They’ll be more than happy to help sort things out for you, should you need clarification, or if you need to confirm some details about the event.

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