Bilao Dinner at Gabriela at Nurture Wellness Village

We had some friends come over from Manila last weekend to come check out our various Tagaytay projects and some good ol’ catching up.

By the time we’ve wrapped things up, we worked up quite an appetite. They asked us to take them somewhere new (i.e. a restaurant they haven’t been to previously), but relaxing, and just out-of-the-way enough so we can continue our kwentuhan.

Fortunately for them, we knew just the place.

Tagaytay Living Featured Image - Gabriela at Nurture Wellness Village

Gabriela by Nurture Wellness Village is located in Tagaytay City. Coming from Manila, along the Aguinaldo Highway just across the row of restaurants overlooking Taal Lake, turn right at Magallanes Drive (the corner with Magallanes Hotel), and follow the signs to Nurture Wellness Village from there.

Gabriela at Nurture Wellness Village

While Metro Tagaytay’s very own Nurture Wellness Village had the in-house restaurant concept going on for quite a while now, it wasn’t until recently that they decided to step things up in terms of branding and promotion. They’ve now branded the in-house dining concept as Gabriela at Nurture Wellness Village.

Tagaytay Living Featured Image - Specialty Drinks at Gabriela

One of the best things about Gabriela: their signature drinks, with ingredients grown straight out of their very own farm out back.

Expect healthier versions of traditional Filipino favorites, and signature drinks made from all sorts of fresh fruits and other ingredients they’ve grown in their own backyard and gardens (or sourced locally from neighborhood farms).

Tagaytay Living Featured Image - Gabriella's Kale Specialty Drinks

Kale drinks for everybody!

The house signature product is kale, and you’ve got at least three different kinds of kale-blended drinks. The staff explained to us that kale is actually very rich in protein, Vitamin K, A and C– sounds healthy, indeed!

Now there’s a ton of good stuff at Gabriela- from salads to sandwiches, kanin and ulam, cocktails and healing juices, but for the night, we decided to go for one of their Bilao Group Meals.

At Nurture Wellness Village with Friends 02

The ‘Alfonso’ Bilao Group Meal. Good for 4 or 5 peeps, depending on how ravenous/hungry your group is.  Only Php1500.

The whole deal comes with three kinds of ulam: laing (gabi leaves stewed in coconut milk and spices), daing na bangus (fried seasoned milkfish), chicken pork adobo, together with a salad of itlog na maalat (salted eggs) with onions and tomatoes, atsara (pickled vegetables), slices of fruits in season (pineapple and watermelon), and a generous serving of pandan rice right there in the middle of it all.

At Nurture Wellness Village with Friends 01

Thanks for stopping by our neck of the woods, Alex, Abi, and Vicky!

Contact Gabriela at Nurture Wellness Village

Find out more on Gabriela, Nurture Wellness Village’s very own in-house restaurant by visiting the dedicated page on their website here.  You can also go right ahead and get in touch with them:

Nurture Wellness Village
Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Cavite, Tagaytay, Luzon 4120, Philippines
Phone Number/s: mobile numbers (+63 918) 888.8772, (+63 917) 687.8873, and landline numbers (+63 2) 710.9786, (+63 2) 401.9030, and (+63 46) 512.6273
Email them here.
Visit the official website here.

You can also download a copy of their latest brochure here.

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