Consider Raising Ducks For Your Farm in Tagaytay

Consider raising ducks for your farm in Tagaytay. Not only are they relatively easier to manage (compared to say, chickens), ducks are also great for pest control, plus you get the added bonus of harvesting duck eggs and having cute ducklings!

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How Do I Start Raising Ducks?

Thinking about adding ducks to your flock; an infographic from

Thinking about adding ducks to your flock; an infographic from

We’re pretty much sold ourselves; there’s a pretty good chance we’ll also be raising ducks soon at Tagaytay Living.

(Do check in on us in a few months!)

If you’re pretty much willing to give it a try as well, the good people over at have a few tips for us on how to get started if you’re seriously considering getting a few ducks to raise yourself.

  • Get two or three ducks for starters.
  • You gotta have a pool of water– even a large tub or a kiddie pool would do.
  • How deep? Deep enough so your ducks can dunk their heads in.
  • Ducks can eat chicken feed, but you may want to add a little brewers yeast for the extra niacin your ducks will need.
  • Sometimes food for ducks: leafy greens, and most other fruits and vegetables.
  • Get a whole bunch of straw for your ducks to bed in.

While we’ll probably add a few more tips on how to raise ducks here on Tagaytay Living, you may also want to hop on over to the FreshEggsDaily website yourself for more useful tips.

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