Country Home Idea by Chris Heininge

Country Home Ideas by Chris Heininge

Take a look at what this guy did with only 26 square meters!

Chris Heinige put together this compact yet adequately luxurious little home in the Oregon countryside, with all the modern amenities built in.  Having spent a lot of his childhood years in Japan, Chris was heavily influenced by the local culture, and was able to incorporate a minimalistic yet beautifully efficient design into his creation.

Country Home Idea by Chris HeiningeThe country home viewed from the front: sliding glass doors allow for lots of natural light.

Country Home Idea by Chris HeiningeThe entryway makes use of large windows, and lots of drawers built into the furniture for ample storage.

Country Home Idea by Chris HeiningeThe kitchen and dining area has enough room for a small dining table, a small personal-sized fridge, a small stove built into the kitchen counter, along with most of the basic necessities– a microwave oven, a modest-sized TV, coffee maker, and even a fireplace built under the stairwell.

Country Home Idea by Chris HeiningeThe loft area opens up to a bedroom with enough room for a double or even a queen-sized bed, with enough storage space for clothing and personal effects.

Country Home Idea by Chris HeiningeThe toilet and bath has a jacuzzi-type tub.  Despite the small size, you still have enough space for towels, mats, and your personal care products.  I can imagine there’s a shower built in as well.

Country Home Idea by Chris HeiningeThe view of Chris’ country home from the back: you’ve got lots of room now for a garden– herbs, flowers, vegetables, or whatever you’d want to grow in your yard.

You may view the original article we found here, on Collective Evolution.

Tagaytay Country Home Ideas

Smaller country homes are growing more popular not just in Metro Tagaytay, but all over the world as well, as more and more people desire a return to a simpler, greener, more efficient way of living.

While living in Tagaytay allows you to own considerably larger plots of land, country homes like these maximize the use of the lot for purposes of landscaping, growing fruits or vegetables, flowering plants and orchids, even groves of trees and farm animals.

We’ve started collecting all these great country home ideas we’ve found all over the internet here on Tagaytay Living.  Check out more posts on great Tagaytay country home ideas here.

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