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One of the most active and most successful catering companies in Metro Tagaytay is Town's Delight the Caterer.  As a business, Town's Delight is not just well-respected, but also serves as an inspiration for many Tagaytay-based wedding suppliers.

Through the leadership of Andrew Pacumio, Town's Delight has been instrumental in the growth and the continued development of the local wedding and tourism industry.  The company is one of the founding members of The PEAK - Tagaytay Wedding Vendors Association, and moves ever-forward with new brand concepts, creative product innovations, and its commitment to service excellence.

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About Town's Delight The Caterer

Legacy Blossoms

Ms. Cecilia del Rosario "Mama Cel" Pacumio. Photo from TDTC Delightful Creations |

Ms. Cecilia del Rosario "Mama Cel" Pacumio. Photo from TDTC Delightful Creations

Out of a family’s humble tradition flourished a wonderful culinary legacy. Ms. Cecilia del Rosario Pacumio, a former Home Economics teacher in Tanza, Cavite, laid the foundations that would eventually give life to a highly reputable food service company originating in Cavite.

Cooking had always been a valued tradition that had a special place in Mama Cel’s household. Moved by this family tradition, Mama Cel opened a small eatery in 1974 with the support of her affectionate husband, Josefino “Tata Pepe” Pacumio, offering delectable delicacies which quickly became the delight of the town, hence, the moniker ‘Town’s Delight’.

Mama Cel’s culinary legacy found an enthusiastic successor in the person of Mr. Andrew R. Pacumio, one of the matriarch’s dutiful sons, who succeeded in steering Town’s Delight The Caterer as its President beginning 1995.

His wife, Ms. Concepcion “Connie” C. Pacumio, having learned directly from Mama Cel, consistently unleashes her culinary expertise in her role as Executive Chef and concurrently as Vice President. Together, the impassioned couple has taken the legacy to greater heights of competitiveness, prominence and service excellence.

A Splendid Fusion

With more than 42 years of progressive industry standing, Town’s Delight The Caterer has evolved as a distinguished partner to its ever-growing community of clients, relentlessly catering to their discriminating tastes and distinctive preferences.

Connie and Andrew Pacumio of Town's Delight the Caterer. Photo from TDTC Delightful Creations |

Connie and Andrew Pacumio of Town's Delight the Caterer. Photo from TDTC Delightful Creations

Through innovative styling capabilities and excellent stewardship, Town’s Delight passionately works with clients in preparing for their dream occasions, bringing forth a splendid fusion of event-styling creativity, tasteful culinary artistry, and the enticing blend of Caviteño hospitality, with which the catering company delicately co-creates delightful moments with our clients and deliver happiness in their most important occasions.

The Flourishing Tree

The modest seeds of hard work, discipline and passion for the craft that have been planted by the Company’s founder and matriarch – Mama Cel – have flourished over the years.  From a commonplace catering enterprise, Town’s Delight has grown into one of the prominent foodservice companies in the country today.

Mr. Andrew Pacumio is one of the founding officers and a pioneer member of the Food Caterers Association of the Philippines (FCAP) upon its establishment in 2001. Mr. Pacumio brings the Company to a wider arena of social exposure as he serves as President of the Cavite Provincial Tourism Board, Inc. beginning 2016.

Recently, Mr. Pacumio has been elected President of the PEAK – Tagaytay Wedding Vendors Association in which he leads the Executive Board and works with its member organizations to promote the quality, reliability and professionalism of events vendors and venues of Cavite.

Through all these ecosystem undertakings, Town’s Delight maximizes opportunities for contributing to the continuous strengthening of the industry through the delightful events experiences that it co-creates with and for its clients.

With its commissary facilities in Trece Martires City being the biggest and one of the best maintained food service facilities in the south, the Company has carved its niche in the industry, particularly in Metro Tagaytay destination wedding market.  

Other than its clients, Town’s Delight has also grown in its abiding partnership with numerous events places in Metro Tagaytay and beyond, enjoying the privileged status of an accredited and in-house catering partner.

Additionally, Town's Delight has been nurturing co-creating relationships with various wedding vendors and wedding professionals as partners and allies in the trade and industry. Interestingly, many of those partners such as florists, cake makers, wedding coordinators and venue officers started with Town’s Delight.

Indeed, the Company has made so many delightful creations in its 42-year history; what started as tiny seeds have now flourished into a full-grown tree that thrives in an ecosystem of allies, partners and friends.

The stature, the brand and reputation of the Company unmistakably befit the corporate status that it has assumed beginning 2016. Known under the corporate name “TDTC Delightful Creations, Inc.” the Company beholds the future with enthusiasm and optimism as it remains true to its vision as the lead organization in its ecosystem and a top-of-mind provider to its growing client communities.

Get In Touch With The Team Over at Town's Delight the Caterer

The best way to get in touch with Town's Delight the Caterer are via these establishments/numbers:

The Wedding Store (Summit Ridge Promenade)
2nd Level Robinsons Place Tagaytay City
Phone Number/s: (+63 46) 483.5307,  (+63 2) 925.8574, (+63 917) 302.7014, (+63 918) 928.1296, (+63 922) 865.2685
Email The Wedding Store here.

The Red Barn Kitchen
Smokehill Drive Maharlika East, Tagaytay City, Philippines 4120
Phone Number/s: (+63 46) 483.5307
Visit the Red Barn Kitchen Facebook Page here.

The Farmhouse Kitchen
Purok 6, Bgy. de Ocampo, Trece Martires City, Cavite
Phone Number/s: (+63 46) 416.6214
Visit The Farmhouse Kitchen Facebook Page here.

Republic Of Cavite Restaurant
Cavite City Hall Road, Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires City, Cavite
Phone Number/s: (+63 46) 686.7271
Visit the Republic of Cavite website here.

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