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Featured Caterer: k by Cunanan

One of our seven featured wedding caterers at the highly-anticipated grand food tasting on Independence Day weekend is k by Cunanan.

Photo from k by Cunanan (@kbycunanan) on Instagram | Featured Caterers on | Tagaytay Living

Photo from k by Cunanan (@kbycunanan) on Instagram.

k by Cunanan

We’d like to think that a bounty is to be ample—to be generously sufficient, to satisfy a requirement. In terms of food, it is to fulfill a craving with humble portions but abundant flavors. In terms of décor, it is to be plentiful but harmonious with the eyes. We’d like to believe that the food on our plates and flowers on our tables do not overwhelm but rather encourage a celebration of what matters in every meaningful event.

K by Cunanan Catering opened in 2005 as a contemporary catering brand in Manila. We craft gatherings out of a craving, a personality, an imagination and a vision. To us, it is always an affair of food, experience and service—a trifecta.

Photo from k by Cunanan (@kbycunanan) on Instagram | Featured Caterers on | Tagaytay Living

Photo from k by Cunanan (@kbycunanan) on Instagram.

Dishes by k by Cunanan Catering

There is nothing quite as exciting as foie gras swirled into a cloud of sugar; a dish more thoughtful than a hearty paella bathed in warm seafood broth; or a pairing more delightful than tangy goat cheese and sweetened cream made into a light panna cotta.

We hope to make every ingredient meaningful, every flavor accounted for and every plate satisfying. To us, food isn’t just something we eat and eating isn’t just something we do. It is an experience from the moment it is served on the table and starts as we lift our spoons.

It is a memory of flavors that we wish to leave you craving for.

Styling from k by Cunanan

Having been in the industry for a decade, we are delighted to be aesthetically evolving. Countless hours are spent designing mood boards. Plates and cutleries were curated. Decors are remodeled. We take time to piece these together to come up with the table that draws attention to the moments that matter. We get as much satisfaction from our design process as we do from the moment we execute them.

Photo from k by Cunanan (@kbycunanan) on Instagram | Featured Caterers on | Tagaytay Living

Photo from k by Cunanan (@kbycunanan) on Instagram.

(Material from the official k by Cunanan website; photos from the official k by Cunanan Instagram account.)

Contact k by Cunanan

k by Cunanan
103 Green Meadows Ave., Quezon City, Philippines
Phone Number/s: (+63 2) 952.5129
Email them here.

The Ultimate Test Fest of Metro Tagaytay

“Savour: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay” happens this coming Sunday, 11 June 2017, at the Pabelion courtyard of Alta Veranda de Tibig, with registration starting at 10:00 A.M.

Organized by The PEAK – Tagaytay Wedding Vendors Association, the grand food tasting showcases seven of the country’s top catering companies: Bizu Catering Studio, Hizon’s Catering Services, Josiah’s Catering, Juan Carlo The Caterer, K by Cunanan Catering, RichGold Weddings, and Town’s Delight The Caterer.

Tickets may be secured from the PEAK officers and authorized outlets, or you may also get in touch with the good people of Alta Veranda de Tibig in Silang, Cavite for more information:

Alta Veranda de Tibig
South Forbes Golf City, Brgy. Inchican, Silang, Cavite 4118
Phone Number/s: (+63 46) 483.5307 and (+63 917) 536.1812

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