Landscaping with Marigolds by Marvin Oligario Vergara

FRGT | Farming References, Guides, and Tips

Farming References, Guides & Tips (FRGT), a local Facebook group of farming and gardening enthusiasts, was created as a platform for discussion, sharing and exchanging of farming experiences, technology updates/information online regarding Agriculture in any of its fields and related matters.

It is not an organization, but a Facebook group centered on information sharing among its members. Please feel free to participate in every discussion, your word of wisdom counts a lot and highly appreciated.

Marvin Oligario Vergara's Ampalaya Plants

Marvin Oligario Vergara’s Ampalaya Plants

Photo Gallery

More photos of members’ farming, gardening, and landscaping projects may be found on the official FRGT Facebook Page.

Credits of pictures featured in this gallery belong to the respective photo owners. While we do encourage content submissions, please inform us of any corrections for proper attribution.

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  1. Respect all posts. Avoid rude comments. Intermittent jokes or exchanging of pleasantries are allowed amidst discussion but not to the extent of maligning, insulting or bullying comembers;
  2. Advertisements, promotions and selling of any product, agricultural or not are not allowed;
  3. Irrelevant & offending posts will be automatically deleted. Consequently, the member concerned will be subject to being blocked or even taken off from the members list; and
  4. For members engaged in the following activities:

If you have any other suggestions to improve our group please feel free to inform or PM Admin group for appropriate action.

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