How To Make An Attractive City

Progress is good, but we shouldn’t let progress go out of hand.

Ever wondered how great cities like Paris, New York, Singapore, and Sydney are the way they are now? It’s a mix of intelligent urban planning, modern-day engineering, and much-needed political will.

My only hope is that we can make Metro Tagaytay join the ranks of these world-class cities. Here’s a video from The School of Life (one of my favorite new YouTube channels), and Vale Productions UK– “How To Make An Attractive City”.

Visit The School of Life for more thought-provoking stuff on all sorts of subject matters (not just real estate and urban planning). Check out their official YouTube channel here.

About Renzie Baluyut

I’ve signed up for some real estate classes, and I feel very fortunate to be in the company of Philippine real estate veterans and thought leaders as instructors on one hand, and then I have my classmates who represent a new breed of developers and real estate brokers on the other.

I’m learning all I can about real estate so I can be a better real estate professional. I hope we can ultimately make Metro Tagaytay not just a better place to live, but to also be a more business-friendly territory.

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Together with my wife, we’ve started venturing into Tagaytay real estate, selling residential farm lots in our hometown of Amadeo, Cavite.

I’ll be sharing insights on Tagaytay real estate here on  For other stuff, you may want to check out my personal website here.

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