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La Bella Tagaytay | Where To Stay in Tagaytay

For your consideration on where to stay in Tagaytay, La Bella Tagaytay is one of the newest residential community developments in the neighborhood.

La Bella Tagaytay is one of the newest communities here in Metro Tagaytay. Positioned as a "holistic village", the property not only has the usual residences, but it also has a boutique hotel, a wellness center, a kids' hub, a village market, and gardens.Photo by @labellatagaytay#HotelsinTagaytay #LaBellaTagaytay #BoutiqueHotel #TagaytayCity #WhereToStayinTagaytay #TagaytayHotels #TagaytayLiving

Positioned as a "holistic village", the property not only has the usual residences, but it also has a boutique hotel, a wellness center, a kids' hub, a village organic and art market, and gardens.

Photo from the Instagram page of La Bella Tagaytay.

La Bella Tagaytay
(Tagaytay) Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay
(Head Office) 3/F #15 Gold Annapolis Street, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number/s: (+63 905) 298.2301, (+63 923) 650.9125, and (+63 2) 656.8669 local 107
Visit the official La Bella Tagaytay website, or connect with them via Facebook and Instagram.

Where To Stay in Tagaytay

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