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One of the more popular tourist spots in Metro Tagaytay is Picnic Grove, an open area with plenty of trees, a number of huts available for rent, and a few other attractions within the same compound.

It has a good view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake, and you can take a zipline ride, soak your feet in a fish spa, or walk around the tall trees through man-made walkways and bridges.

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The park has definitely seen better days, with complaints of too much rubbish and poor maintenance (of the grounds and facilities), particularly so on weekends and holidays when the place fills up rather quickly.  Even with the proliferation of dozens of restaurants and hotels along the ridge, Picnic Grove continues to a be a top choice for out-of-towners hoping to enjoy some family time in the cool uplands Tagaytay weather.

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How To Get There

Map of Picnic Grove.  Edited from a screengrab of OpenStreetMap, courtesy of Backpacking Philippines.

Map of Picnic Grove. Edited from a screengrab of OpenStreetMap, courtesy of Backpacking Philippines.

From the Tagaytay rotunda, take the road (Tagaytay-Calamba Road) headed towards Tagaytay Highlands and People’s Park in the Sky. Just a few minutes past the intersection that marks the end of the Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road, you’ll find Picnic Grove to your right, just across View Park Hotel.

By public transport, this means getting a bus to take you to Tagaytay first and dropping off at Olivarez Plaza, and then taking a jeepney bound for People’s Park in the Sky, and then getting off at Picnic Grove.

Picnic Grove Admission Rates and Fees

Note that while we do our best to keep the information on Picnic Grove as updated as possible, rates may change without prior notice.

Entrance fee: PhP50.00/head (4 years and old and above)

Parking fees:

  • Car PhP35.00
  • Van PhP50.00
  • Coaster PhP50.00
  • Jeep PhP50.00
  • Bus PhP100.00

Rental Rates:

  • Table PhP100
  • Picnic Huts PhP150.00
  • Family Sheds PhP300.00
  • Pavilion PhP500.00
  • Viewdeck Hall PhP2,500.00

Other Stuff To Do/Experience at Picnic Grove:

Photo from VirtualTourist.

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Tips When Visiting Picnic Grove

  • Try to head up for Picnic Grove early in the morning as there aren’t much people yet.  Finding a good parking spot would also be easier, and you can enjoy the trails and walkways without much of a crowd.
  • While the rolling terrain is part of the whole charm, the grounds can be rather steep (or even slippery) in some parts, so for those with difficulty moving around (i.e. old folks, little children, differently-abled folk), you may want to find spots where you can just relax without having to wander around the grounds so much.
  • Mind the children– the more active and curious ones might be able to climb certain fences, or wander down trails if left unsupervised.

Contact Details

Tagaytay Picnic Grove Complex
Barangay Sungay, Sungay East
Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Tagaytay City
Cavite, Philippines
(+63 46) 413.4206
No official website or Facebook found.

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