7 Reasons To Visit Savour: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay

Our friends over at The Peak - Tagaytay Wedding Vendors Association will be having a grand food tasting on Sunday, June 11, 2017, showcasing seven of the country's very best wedding caterers.

Alta Veranda de Tibig | SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay | Tagaytay Living | Photo from Town's Delight the Caterer

Our venue for SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay is Alta Veranda de Tibig, in Silang, Cavite. Photo from Town's Delight.

Entitled "SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay", this ground-breaking food festival aims to highlight culinary masterworks of these seven outstanding catering companies that have made their marks in Philippine food history and culture.

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Happening on Independence Day weekend, the event serves as a perfect opportunity not only for couples who plan to get married in Tagaytay soon, but also for foodies who would want an out-of-the-ordinary culinary experience.

Here are seven reasons why you should come visit "SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay".

1. We Have 7 Featured Caterers

It's a pretty big deal-- we have seven of the best caterers in the country gathered in one event for the express purpose of having you try out their food. We've got Bizu Catering Studio, Hizon's, Josiah's, Juan Carlo the Caterer, k by Cunanan Catering, Richgold Weddings, and Town's Delight the Caterer-- every single one of these catering companies are highly-recommended and well-respected as far as Filipino weddings go.

2. You're Planning a Wedding

If you're in the stages of putting together a wedding in Metro Tagaytay (or even if your wedding isn't going to be in Tagaytay), this is a great opportunity for you to check out what our featured caterers have to offer-- their wedding/event packages, the way they set up the tables at a wedding reception, all the extra things they can do for you-- whatever you need for Tagaytay wedding.

Think of it as a grand food tasting-- no need to jump from appointment to appointment. You can do all your comparing, critiquing, inquiring, and if you like-- reserving and booking-- right at the event.

3. It's a Good Time to Check Out Alta Veranda de Tibig

One of the more popular wedding venues to have made a mark in the Tagaytay wedding scene over the last couple of years is Alta Veranda de Tibig.

Alta Veranda de Tibig graciously hosts Savour: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay, and you can expect the sales and marketing team to be around as well to show you around the property if you like.

Read more about Alta Veranda de Tibig here.

4. You're Looking For Something to Do on Independence Day Weekend

It's a long weekend this coming Independence Day (June 12 falls on Monday), so take this opportunity to come stop by and have a leisurely relaxed lunch at Savour: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay.  

Sure, there are a whole lot of other things you can do in and around Tagaytay while you're in town, but we can assure you that Savour will be one of the highlights of your stay this Independence Day weekend.

5. You Love Good Food

Look, even if you're not planning a wedding, and you just want to check out all the awesome dishes (and the beautiful plating, and the impressive table styling, etc.) from all our featured caterers-- that's perfectly fine!

6. Network with Tagaytay wedding vendors

While it's mostly caterers we're featuring at Savour, in attendance will be a number of members of The PEAK-- the Tagaytay Wedding Vendor's Association-- organizers of the event. They probably don't have individual booths there, but if you need to ask anything else about your Tagaytay wedding or event, it would be a simple matter to exchange contact details, or even have a quick chat over dessert or coffee afterwards.

7. You Have an Excuse To Go To Tagaytay

Not that you really need an excuse to visit Tagaytay, right?  

There's really a whole lot of things you can do-- go pick out some plants and culinary herbs, get some custom furniture done, consider buying land, or just have a relaxing weekend away from busy Metro Manila.  

Whatever your itinerary, come stop by Alta Veranda de Tibig on Sunday for our awesome Freedom-themed food festival-- and head back home to Metro Manila a happy camper!

More Event Information

Perfect for couples planning their wedding in Tagaytay, "SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay" will take place on Sunday, the 11th of June 2017, at the Pabelion courtyard of Alta Veranda de Tibig, with registration starting at 10:00 A.M.

SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay | Tagaytay Living | www.tagaytayliving.com

"SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay" happens on Sunday, June 11, 2017 at Alta Veranda de Tibig in Silang, Cavite. For more information, call (+63 917) 536.1812 for more details.

Tickets may be secured from the PEAK officers and authorized outlets, or you may also get in touch with the good people of Alta Veranda de Tibig in Silang, Cavite for more information:

Alta Veranda de Tibig
South Forbes Golf City, Brgy. Inchican, Silang, Cavite 4118
Phone Number/s: (+63 46) 483.5307 and (+63 917) 536.1812
Visit the official website here.
Visit the official Facebook page here.

Do save the date, savor the experience and become part of the historic taste fest of Metro Tagaytay!


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