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The second most active volcano in the Philippines is Taal Volcano. The scenic view of the volcano and the surrounding lake from the Tagaytay ridge overlooking Taal continues to draw out-of-towners looking for a relaxing break from the stressful city life in Metro Manila.

Sunrise on Taal.  Photo by Steven Rascoe.

Sunrise on Taal. Photo by Steven Rascoe.

Taal volcano with its lake-filled 15×20 km wide Talisay (Taal) caldera is a beautiful caldera volcano, but also one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes of the Philippines. Taal has had some of the country’s largest and deadliest eruptions: At least 6 eruptions during the recorded history of Taal since 1572 claimed fatalities, mostly from powerful pyroclastic flows, as well as tsunamis produced in the crater lake.

The Taal caldera is largely filled by Lake Taal, whose 267 sq km surface lies only 3 m above sea level. The maximum depth of the lake is 160 m, and contains several eruptive centers submerged beneath the lake. All historic eruptions took place from the 5-km-wide volcanic island in the northern-central part of the lake.

Taal Volcano from Tagaytay

A closer look at Taal Volcano from Tagaytay. The mountain range in the background is Mount Maculot. Image courtesy of My Daily Reflections.

The island is formed by overlapping stratovolcanoes, cinder cones and tuff rings (maars). Historic eruptions have seen the constant change and growth of the island.  Taal caused one of the worst volcano disasters in history: its eruption in 1911 killed 1334 people and caused ash fall as far as Manila city.

Due to its devastating potential, Taal was declared one of the “Decade Volcanoes” in the Decade Volcanoes program of the 1990s in order to incentive study and monitoring of the volcano. Taal is today one of the most closely monitored volcanoes in the region. An increase in seismic activity under Taal was recorded in November 2006, followed by an increase in hot water springs in the crater in April 2007.

An aerial shot of Taal Volcano.  Image courtesy of Mike Gonzalez, who took this on a flight from Manila bound for Dumaguete.

An aerial shot of Taal Volcano. Image courtesy of Mike Gonzalez, who took this lovely photo on a flight from Manila bound for Dumaguete.

Taal Volcano Today

A popular tourist attraction, Taal Volcano and Lake presents one of the most picturesque and attractive views in the Philippines, particularly so when viewed up from the Tagaytay ridge. Tagaytay is a mere 50 kilometers (a bit more than 30 miles) south of the Metro Manila.

As such, all sorts of establishments have sprouted up on the ridge to capitalize on the steady influx of local tourism. You have parks, restaurants, hotels, wedding venues, resthouses, gated subdivisions, and condominium developments all along Tagaytay ridge.

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