Featured Caterer: Bizu Catering Studio

One of our seven featured wedding caterers at the highly-anticipated grand food tasting on Independence Day weekend is Bizu Catering Studio.  

Bizu started out as a kiosk at the third floor of Glorietta 4 in 2001, and has since then expanded to three more outlets (one in Greenbelt 2, one at Alabang Town Center, and a third at The Promenade in Greenhills), and a catering studio soon thereafter.

Photo from Bizu Catering Studio on Instagram | Featured Caterers on www.TagaytayLiving.com | Tagaytay Living

Photo from Bizu Catering Studio on Instagram.

The Inspiration Behind BIZU

BIZU was coined from the French word “bisous”. Translated in English, the word means “kiss”. “Beso-beso”, the Filipino term for kissing, is one of the most endearing and enduring qualities of Filipinos.

We kiss one another to show gratitude, happiness, excitement, love and affection. A kiss inspires. And this inspiration begets energy. This energy, in turn, begets creativity. BIZU was born out of this inspiration.