Experience the Joys of Tagaytay Country Living

Experience the joys of Tagaytay country living: we got fresh air, cooler weather, plenty of wide open spaces, and lots of opportunities to do some gardening, or start your own farm!

Photo by Hannah Leynes.

Buhay probinsya, or provincial living, used to bring with it thoughts of being in a backwater town cut off from civilization. While that may sometimes be the case, the beauty of the Tagaytay country lifestyle is that you can enjoy all the perks of being removed from the crazy city lifestyle, but still well within reach of modern-day conveniences.

So yeah, you can have your rustic vacation home in the middle of an organic farm (any farm you like, really), and you can wire up your piece of the Tagaytay countryside with (fairly) stable internet, have solar panels, have hot water and air-conditioning installed, and even sign up for Netflix if you’re so inclined.

Heck, Makati or BGC is just an hour and forty minutes away if you need to get some errands done.