The Story of Alta Veranda de Tibig

One of the more notable wedding and event venues in and around Tagaytay City is Alta Veranda de Tibig, a lovely property in nearby Silang, Cavite.

(Alta Veranda de Tibig also, incidentally, serves as the host venue for Savour: The Ultimate Taste Fest in Metro Tagaytay, which happens on Sunday, June 11, 2017, and features seven awesome catering companies. Read more about the event here.)

Alta Veranda de Tibig. Photo by Dizon Studios.

Alta Veranda de Tibig. Photo by Dizon Studios.

We did some catching up with the organizers of Savour: The Ultimate Taste Fest in Metro Tagaytay, and managed to sit down with the good people of Town’s Delight the Caterer and Alta Veranda de Tibig.

For today’s post, we take a closer look at how Alta Veranda de Tibig came to be.

Reminiscing the Past: A Crucial Encounter

Sometimes, there are sudden twists and turns in life that give rise to things we never imagined nor expected. Such is the story of a humble, plain-dealing couple behind one of the most renowned events places in the south today.

Having established a decent livelihood in the construction industry, Noe and Daisy Guevarra would go over their daily business activities dealing with clients and suppliers regarding procurement and supply of various types of construction materials.

A photo of a Tagaytay bride at Veranda de Tibig's bridal suite. Gown by Mel Orlina Couture. Photo by BrenCo Creative Studios.

A photo of a Tagaytay bride at Veranda de Tibig’s bridal suite. Gown by Mel Orlina Couture. Photo by BrenCo Creative Studios.

Content and diligently doing their established business routine, the Guevarra couple had the good fortune of acquiring a piece of land in Bgy. Tibig, Silang, Cavite. But until the early part of 2013, they didn’t have any concrete plans on how to make use of the real property.

One fateful day, Noe was scheduled to meet with a client somewhere in Trece Martires City – a busy business hub being the provincial capital of Cavite. As it was around lunchtime, he decided to look around for a decent place to dine and take a few moments to relax.

He ended up at a place called Republic of Cavite Restaurant which is owned and managed by Andrew Pacumio, a Caviteño entrepreneur who, as President of Town’s Delight The Caterer, made a respectable name in the Philippine catering arena.

Impressed by the historically-themed ambiance of the restaurant, Noe decided to check out the various areas indoors. Little did he know that his casual walkabout would lead him to Andrew who would habitually meet and greet restaurant guests whenever he’s around.

Interior of Alta Veranda de Tibig. Photo by Jerem Guevarra.

Interior of Alta Veranda de Tibig. Photo by Jerem Guevarra.

As casual greetings turned into a more engaging conversation, the incidental acquaintances hit it off and began to share more information about each other’s occupations, passions and preoccupations. It was at this juncture that Noe churned out the life-changing question: what Andrew would suggest on the use of his piece of land in Silang, Cavite.

With a wealth of experience in the catering business in which events places host almost every catered event, Andrew made a crucial suggestion one would naturally expect: that Noe should consider building an events place. And, as the allegorical saying goes, the rest was history.

The birth of Alta Veranda de Tibig

Coinciding with Daisy’s birthday in October 2013, a sprawling events place was inaugurated and given the name ALTA VERANDA DE TIBIG – a fascinating architectural masterpiece of Filipino-Spanish inspiration and reminiscence tucked away in a sprawling 1.2 hectare tract of land in Barangay Tibig, Silang, Cavite.

The name has its origins in the relatively high altitude of the exact spot where the venue was built (as alta in Spanish means high), the awesome verandas that served to beautify the architectural design, and the name of the barangay (Tibig) in which the place is situated.

A Tagaytay wedding reception at Alta Veranda de Tibig. Photo by Town's Delight.

A Tagaytay wedding reception at Alta Veranda de Tibig. Photo by Town’s Delight.

Without leaving behind their construction materials business, Noe and Daisy began to be more involved in managing this place of gorgeousness in which many intimate affairs would eventually unfold in full splendor soon after its formal opening.

For the Guevarra couple, it was an overwhelming startup that they never imagined would happen.

Celebrating the Present

Today, Alta Veranda de Tibig is an oasis of intimate, blissful moments to innumerable couples who choose to celebrate their solemn union there.

In the competitive arena in Metro Tagaytay, It stands out as a top-of-mind, aspirational venue most sought after by soon-to-weds who crave for such romantic appeal and quintessential charm that fill the entire expanse of the place.

The Guevarras consider Andrew Pacumio and Town’s Delight bountiful blessings that pointed them in the direction of events place management of phenomenal success. To Noe and Daisy, coming up with an events place was a journey on untested waters, but the nuggets of wisdom, experience-based inspirations and the burning passion provided by Andrew emboldened them to take up the challenge, and they eventually emerged rewarded for their whole-hearted venture.

Their closeness as a couple has been made even more enduring and endearing as they work more closely together in meeting the day-to-day challenges of managing such a place of esteem and prominence.

Venturing into the Future

The Guevarra couple sees an even brighter future as they relish the overwhelming public acceptance of the place. They are completing new expansion projects and innovations of the place as they endeavor to connect with the aspirations and obsessions of the future generations of soon-to-weds.

For Andrew and his Town’s Delight outfit as staunch allies and partners of Alta Veranda, the horizon ahead is shining with more and brighter prospects for this promising events place, and the Guevarras remain upbeat about what the future holds in store for them as they explore new ventures and collaborations.

An exterior shot of Alta Veranda de Tibig. Photo by Karmie Altamera of Events: Simplified.

An exterior shot of Alta Veranda de Tibig. Photo by Karmie Altamera of Events: Simplified.

Andrew continues to find reasons for sustaining goodwill, respect and support for the Guevarras, particularly as new developments and expansion initiatives continuously evolve at Alta Veranda. An advocate of stewardship, Andrew firmly believes in the value of helping others to generate lasting relationships not just in business but life in general.

Contact Alta Veranda de Tibig

For inquiries and bookings, please get in touch with the team over at Alta Veranda de Tibig.

Alta Veranda de Tibig
South Forbes Golf City, Brgy. Inchican, Silang, Cavite 4118
Phone Number/s: (+63 46) 483.5307 and (+63 917) 536.1812
Visit the official website here.
Visit the official Facebook page here.

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Thanks to Town’s Delight the Caterer, BrenCo Creative Studios, Dizon Studios, Jerem Guevarra, and Events: Simplified for the photos used on this post.

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