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In this article, we share with you our thoughts on the Balay Dako weekend breakfast buffet- quite possibly the best all-you-can-eat experience in Tagaytay right now.

Balay Dako Breakfast 61Balay Dako is part of the Antonio’s group of restaurants. So if you’ve been to the original Antonio’s, or to Breakfast at Antonio’s (which are also both in the neighborhood), you know you’re in for a treat.

Balay Dako is already making waves as one of the best new restaurants in Tagaytay City. You’ll read online on how it’s awesome as a must-visit destination for lunch, dinner, or for a nightcap.  Well, they’ve decided to shake things up for breakfast as well, which brings us to our coverage of their weekend buffet.

The weekend buffet is Php500 Php550 for adults and Php350 for kids, while toddlers and babies eat for free.

The Balay Dako buffet now has puto bumbong! #tagaytayliving #balaydako #breakfastintagaytay

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(Note: The per-adult price for the weekend buffet is now Php550. On the plus side, you now have a puto bumbong station added to the already impressive selection of breakfast eats!)

Getting Your Buffet Started

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices you have at Balay Dako, so let’s go break it down.  The buffet setup at Balay Dako is pretty impressive– around the perimeter of the hall are various stations so you don’t have crowding up in any one place.  The setup also allows you to leisurely pick what you want, enjoy it at your own pace, and jump right back in when you’re ready for more.

For starters, ask for your brewed coffee (if you’re a coffee kind of person) from the staff.  They’ll bring it to your table, and refill it with as much as you are able to handle.  From here, you can move on to whatever you want, or have a taste of everything if you are so inclined.

  • The bread station. The staff will recommend their kesong puti (local cottage cheese) toasted with muscovado sugar.  Have it with pan de sal or sliced bread.
  • Another station has your tsokolate de batirol (local hot chocolate).  They highly recommend it with the ensaymada (it’s home made!) and some chinese ham.
  • Care for some taho (silken tofu with syrup and sago pearls)? They got some by the hot chocolate station too.
Balay Dako Breakfast 13

I appreciate the serving suggestions. No, I’ve never tried kesong puti with muscovado sugar on my pan de sal before.

Balay Dako Breakfast 16

The attendants are helpful, and in this particular station, they’ll offer to make some of that kesong puti-and-muscovado for you on your choice of bread.

Balay Dako Breakfast 15

Look at that! They toasted me a slice of bread with butter and muscovado sugar, and a pan de sal with kesong puti (with muscovado sugar as well).

Balay Dako Breakfast 24

Says right there: Try our homemade ensaymada with our tsokolate de batirol and chinese style ham.

Balay Dako Breakfast 36

Chinese-style ham? Yes, please!

Balay Dako Breakfast 14

Balay Dako’s homemade ensaymada.

Balay Dako Breakfast 26

You can also get taho at the hot chocolate station.

Balay Dako Breakfast 25

Round One: The hot chocolate with homemade ensaymada and chinese ham, some taho on the side, and (not shown) the muscovado-and-kesong puti on pan de sal and toast.

Balay Dako Breakfast 41

The staff will offer you coffee right away. And you can have as much brewed coffee as you want.

Healthier Stuff

Before we head on over to the main event, you might want to grab yourself a plate of fruits and/or veggies. Or not at all– totally up to you. What we do recommend though are the fruit juice blends.
Balay Dako Breakfast 23That weekend’s selection gave us dalandan juice, guava juice, calamansi ginger juice, and fruit-infused water.  (Dalandan is our local version of orange, and the calamansi is our local version of lemon.)

All very refreshing, but I had a bit more of the guava and the calamansi-ginger. More than anything, I’m happy it’s not any instant/powdered drink, but rather fresh juices.  I don’t know of a lot of restaurants offering drinks like these.

Make Your Own Fried Rice

Right at another corner is the make-your-own-fried-rice station.  All you have to do is get a bowl, fill it up with whatever ingredients you fancy, and hand it over for the staff to prepare for you.
Balay Dako Breakfast 31They’ve got a LOT available for you to experiment with.  Clearly the more popular options are talangka (crab) fat, bagoong (shrimp paste), and chorizo (Spanish sausage), as these are constantly being refilled.

Balay Dako Breakfast 32Also available are: red and green peppers, garlic, red and white onions, sprouts, chillies, spring onion, carrots, corn, tomatoes, mushroom, peanuts, at least three different kinds of seafood, cilantro and other herbs, and a few more I’m sure I missed.

Balay Dako Breakfast 33

This serving of fried rice has crab fat, with lots of garlic, and some spring onions.

Note that you can also have eggs and omelettes made for you.  Just let them know how you want them done (along with your choice of ingredients in the case of an omelette), and they’ll bring it to you once it’s ready.

Balay Dako Breakfast 34

Round Two. Clockwise, from the 12 position: chicken pork adobo, assorted tuyo, bacon, beef tapa, chorizo, bangus, and longganisa.

While waiting for your fried rice and eggs, you may want to head on over to where the rest of the breakfast food is at.  Balay Dako has a more-than-adequate selection of Pinoy breakfast fare: tapa, tocino, longganisa, tuyo, daing, chorizo, chicken pork adobo, bacon, corned beef, and even some sauteed veggies.

Balay Dako Breakfast 35

Round Three. Clockwise, from the 12 position: Tuyo, beef tapa, tocino, sauteed veggies, corned beef, bacon on greens.

Balay Dako Breakfast 37

Balay Dako also has its own gourmet sardines; you can find them near the fried rice/omelette station.

I enjoyed the corned beef the most. This is similar to the one they have at Breakfast at Antonio’s, except that it’s cut up into little cubes rather than as slabs. It still tastes the same though, and definitely a lot better than the regular canned fare.

Other Breakfast Items

There’s more breakfast to be had! You can also have:

  • Arroz Caldo (chicken and rice porridge).  Top it with your choice of onions, garlic, salted egg, dilis (anchovies), or spring onions, and season with calamansi and patis (fish sauce).
  • Champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge).  Tuyo (dried fish) and other toppings also available.
  • Ginataan (dessert done in coconut milk).
  • A modest assortment of cereal.
  • A crazy assortment of rice cakes: maja blanca, kutsinta, cassava cake, biko, suman sa cassava, and puto.

Note that Balay Dako has a lot of this stuff available downstairs at the store, so pick up a bottle of salad dressing, jam, or spanish sardines on your way home!

Final Thoughts

Balay Dako’s Weekend Breakfast Buffet is our new favorite breakfast destination in Tagaytay City. It’s good value for money, the selection is quite alright, and it’s family-friendly enough as it has something for everyone.

Our favorites: the hot chocolate station, the make-your-own-fried-rice station, the fruit juices, and the corned beef.

It does tend to get packed, so get ready to queue up for your turn, especially so on long weekends.  It’s well worth the wait, though, as you can see from the selection.  The crowd tends to thin out after 10am anyway.

Major credit cards are accepted.  You don’t get much wi-fi upstairs in the breakfast area, so you’ll have to head downstairs if you really need to go online.
Balay Dako Breakfast 01Balai Dako
Location: Tagaytay-Nagsugbu Highway, Metro Tagaytay, Philippines
Phone Number/s: (+63 917) 899.2866
Visit their official website here.
You may also view their official Instagram account here.

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