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Tagaytay Living - Renzie 2014 1017My name is Renzie Baluyut.  Former FM radio executive, independent concert producer/promoter, and professional blogger.  While I’ve lived most of my life in Metro Manila, I now call Metro Tagaytay home, where I stay with my wife (who grew up here), and run my network of small business ventures.

Right now I’m in the business of Tagaytay weddings, Tagaytay marketing & promotions, and Tagaytay real estate.

Tagaytay Living is my own personal project, as I’ve lately found an interest for gardening and country home design.  As I am currently working towards getting my Philippine real estate broker’s license, I’ve also been actively keeping tabs of the local real estate industry.

Also, in my day-to-day dealings with various Tagaytay establishments, a lot of my friends and clients tend to ask me about new places to check out in Tagaytay, i.e. where to stay, where to eat, or what sorts of fun stuff we’ve got going on at any given time.

Tagaytay Living hopes to serve all those purposes.  I hope to be able to paint a picture of how great it is to live away from Metro Manila, and instead settle down here in the countryside, where everything is a lot more laid back and a lot more relaxed, but still conveniently close by to the big city in the event you need to get some errands done, or some other business taken care of.

The site is still in its early stages.  We have yet to populate it with enough content, and then work in all the various usual functionalites: optimization, sharing and social media, and other little tweaks to come up with a better online experience.

That said, thank you for joining me on this journey.



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