What Are Some Awesome Tagaytay Pasalubong Ideas?

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As kids, we would always look forward to our parents coming home from a trip. This means two things. One, we will have our parents back to fill our homes with warmth, and, two, there will be pasalubong for everyone. 

The word pasalubong brings a smile to every Filipino, young and old. This has been part of our culture and tradition. The term pasalubong means to bring something for someone back home. It is a way to show our thoughtfulness knowing that even if we were far away for a moment or longer, we thought of our families or friends back home. 

It is always a good feeling to receive a souvenir. A tiny trinket may bring great joy to a friend by sharing a piece of your travel with them.

What are some of the best Tagaytay pasalubong ideas?

1. Food 

You can never go wrong with food. Food is always the number one pasalubong idea. A buko pie from Tagaytay would bring about a good conversation over coffee. Home grown organic fruits and vegetables are also commonly found in Tagaytay. Bring home some healthy snacks for the family to binge on.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not,  or you could possibly be a foodie who craves a variety of dishes, food is the best pasalubong idea to look forward to.

2. Plants

Tagaytay is certainly a great place to pick up a few new plants. In fact, you can see plant vendors peddling all sorts along the main roads: culinary herbs, tree saplings, fruit trees, florals, succulents, medicinals and ornamentals, and even some orchids if you’re so inclined to get some.

Hot tip: Mahogany Market might be one of the most convenient places to get your plants, but if you know your way around, you can go through some of the inner roads to pick up your favorite plants at even lower prices.

3. Home Decor and Furniture

Another great pasalubong idea: furniture and home decor. Especially in that Silang, Cavite corridor of the Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road, you’ll find all kinds of furniture and woodworking shops and pick up a custom piece or two for the home.

4. Collectibles

Home decor for those who love to collect travel pieces or memorabilia. These can be tiny trinkets like bracelets and necklaces or other jewelry items. It can also be a mini sculpture of a famous landmark like the glorious Taal Volcano or a fridge magnet with the name of the place or town you went to. This is a great token to those who love home decorations or artsy pieces.

5. Shirts

Another common souvenir is shirts with the names of the city or town on them. This is particularly a common pasalubong idea from a trip to a famous tourist spot like Tagaytay. There is a vast array of pieces to choose from like shirts, sarongs, bandanas, etc. The colorful the better.

6. Postcards

At this day and age, there are still people who are looking forward to receiving postcards. I know a friend who, when she travels, mails a postcard to her son of every town or country she goes to. She leaves a note at the back of the card and chooses the best stamps she could find in the area. I know what you are thinking. A very creative idea, isn’t it? This is by far the best way to share your adventures with your family.


Pasalubong is simply a homecoming gift. We receive pasalubongs with happiness within our hearts knowing that we were remembered during the time that we were apart from a friend or a loved one. It is a sweet gesture that Filipinos have passed on from generation to generation.

The items change depending on the times but the thought still remains. Pasalubong, no matter how big or how small, is always well received and appreciated.


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