It's scenic, it's invigorating, and it's a welcome breath of fresh air.  Tagaytay is not just a weekend getaway for the weary, it's an oasis of calm for those looking to relax and reconnect.

Tagaytay City itself is situated on a ridge some 2,000 feet above sea level, providing breathtaking views of tranquil Taal Lake, and the world-famous Taal Volcano. The adjoining towns of Silang, Amadeo, Indang, Mendez, and Alfonso are all excellent neighborhoods, far removed from congestion and pollution, with lots of options for business and living a more relaxed provincial lifestyle. 

A view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano from Tagaytay City

The Best of Metro Tagaytay is on Tagaytay Living

Featuring the neighborhood of Metro Tagaytay, we cover the latest developments in business and lifestyle in the upland towns of the province of Cavite. Included within the jurisdiction of Metro Tagaytay are Tagaytay City, and the surrounding towns of Amadeo, AlfonsoIndang, Mendez-Nuñez, and Silang.

Not only is Metro Tagaytay a great place to live in and start a family, it’s also a choice destination for local tourists and soon-to-weds, as well as a great place to set up shop and start a new business.

That said, you can expect Tagaytay Living to have resources, articles, and posts on:

  • Where to Eat in Tagaytay: featured restaurants, coffee shops, pasalubong shops, and neighborhood establishments
  • Where to Stay in Tagaytay: not just hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and resorts, but also vacation rentals and properties featured on Airbnb.
  • What to Do in Tagaytay: all sorts of events and activities, covering tourist attractions, kid-friendly suggestions, date ideas, trade fairs, festivals, and more.

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Tell us about your new farm, your upcoming restaurant concept, or that hotel or resort you’re planning to put up. Send us photos of that crazy Saturday with the family, or that date night that went so well the other week!

Essentially, if it’s anything about Metro Tagaytay, we’d love to hear about it. Particularly so if it’s a helpful piece for people looking to move or retire here, or for those setting up a business, or even useful advice for those getting married, or just visiting for the weekend!


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Where To Eat in Tagaytay
Explore restaurants, coffee shops, and pasalubong places in and around Tagaytay City, as curated by our writers and partners on Tagaytay Living.

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Where To Stay in Tagaytay
Metro Tagaytay is not only home to great hotels, inns, and bed-and-breakfasts, but it can also be the site of your own country home (or condominium) in the future!

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What To Do in Tagaytay
There's a whole lot going on in the neighborhood-- from wedding and parties, to activities and promotions, as well as tours, workshops, and events of all kind!

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A More Relaxed and Stress-Free Lifestyle  

Ask anyone who’s made the move from the big city to the Tagaytay countryside, and they’ll tell you how the life in uplands Cavite is a lot more laid-back and a lot less hectic. With wide open spaces and cleaner air, you’d love to spend more time outdoors to pursue your interests in gardening and farming, or putting together a country home of your own, or just getting some inspiration to a few other things done.

Fresh local produce is readily available and cheaper than what you’d find in the big city, and there’s a growing community of producers of artisanal goods for all your organic or all-natural needs.


Metro Tagaytay is Business-Friendly

Tagaytay Living strongly supports local efforts put into entrepreneurship and small business. Whether you’re starting a new venture in the neighborhood, or if you’d like to meet others who are also looking for other entrepreneurs and business owners, we’d sure love to hear about it.

As you might observe, hotels, restaurants, wedding venues, resorts, B&B’s, and coffee shops are among some of the more popular ventures in Metro Tagaytay. Other viable businesses include real estate, farming and agriculture, construction, and natural/organic products.

The Tagaytay Country Lifestyle
Enjoy the stress-free lifestyle with country home ideas, tips on farming and gardening, advice on retiring/moving to Metro Tagaytay and more.

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News and Updates
A collection of news articles, press releases, and other updates about Metro Tagaytay from all over the internet.

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Business in Tagaytay
A quick look at Tagaytay real estate and the local tourism, food, and wedding industries, as well as other small businesses in the neighborhood.

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Tagaytay Weather: 3-Day Forecast

In and Around Tagaytay

Get to know the neighborhood of Tagaytay City, as well as the adjoining upland Cavite municipalities of Alfonso, Amadeo, Indang, Mendez-Nuñez, and Silang.

There are a number of ways to drive into and out of Tagaytay City. The most direct routes from Metro Manila include:

  • General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway (or Aguinaldo Highway) through Silang.
  • The South Luzon Expressway (or SLEX), then through either Carmona, or Sta. Rosa.
  • The Cavite Expressway (or CAVITEX) through General Trias and Amadeo.

Most establishments provide instructions on how to get to Tagaytay, so go check out their websites or get in touch with their customer service teams. The mobile application Waze is also a big help. Here's a map to help you figure your way around the neighborhood.

More About Metro Tagaytay

Metro Tagaytay generally consists of all the upland towns of Cavite province, and is located in relatively close proximity to Metro Manila (about an hour and forty minutes away), Batangas, and Laguna (both just outside Alfonso and Silang respectively).

Tagaytay City  |  Alfonso  |  Amadeo  |  Indang  |  Mendez-Nuñez  |  Silang

Recently Concluded: The Before I Do Bridal Fair

It's the longest-running intimate bridal fair in SM Megamall, featuring all sorts of wedding vendors you might want to consider for your upcoming Tagaytay wedding!

The Before I Do Wedding and Debut Fair happens on July 8 & 9, 2017 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1-- which is convenient for Metro Manila soon-to-wed couples planning their big day.

Tagaytay Living is a proud media partner of The Before I Do Wedding and Debut Fair.  So head on over to our special section for more event details.

In the upcoming days leading to the big event, we will be sharing:

  • Tips for attendees
  • Tips for exhibitors and participating merchants
  • Tips for soon-to-weds planning a wedding in Tagaytay
  • And other event updates.

Register to enter for free! Head on over to The Before I Do Wedding and Debut Fair RSVP page right now!

The Before I Do Wedding and Debut Fair is managed and produced by VRC Creative Events Management Corporation, together with Simply Beautiful Events.

The Before I Do Bridal Fair Series on Tagaytay Living

Recently Concluded: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay

The PEAK - Tagaytay Wedding Vendors Association, together with Alta Veranda de Tibig, bring you "SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay".

It was a well-attended grand food tasting that happened last Independence Day Weekend, Sunday, June 11, 2017 at the Pabelyon courtyard of Alta Veranda de Tibig, featuring some of the country's top caterers:

Head on over to our special section covering "SAVOUR: The Ultimate Taste Fest of Metro Tagaytay". Brought to you by our good friends over at Alta Veranda de Tibig and The PEAK - Tagaytay Wedding Vendors Association.

Savour: The Ultimate Taste Fest in Metro Tagaytay | In and Around Metro Tagaytay with Tagaytay Living |


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